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Tissue Culture Tube

Cultivation, Incubation, Examination and Centrifugation. All in one tube.

The tissue culture tubes are an extension to the tissue culture flask product range.


Tissue Culture Flat Tube 10 cm2 :

  • Cultivation: 10 cm2 surface activated growth area

  • Large opening for complete access of pipettes and scrappers

  • Examination: great optical clarity for visual control with inverse microscopes

  • Sloped and flattened upper side for reduced refraction

  • Centrifugation: fits any 50 ml standard tube adapter, can be spun up to 1,200 gx

  • Conical form eases removal of pellet

  • Segmental packaging for scratch-free transportation

Tissue Culture Tube 20 cm2:

  • 20 cm2 surface activated growth area, growth area for a length of 50 mm

  • Volume graduations up to the tip

  • A click and the Vent screw cap is in the aeration position, guaranteeing gas exchange even in vertical position of the tube

  • Fits a 15 ml standard tube adapter, can be spun up to 1,200 gx

  • Convenient re-closable zipper bag with laser perforation

Ideal volume of culture medium for use in TPP Tissue Culture Tube

Volume recommendations must be seen as guideline and do not represent an absolute value. TPP is not responsible for any outcome in this regard. The usual media volume to surface area is 0.20 - 0.5ml/cm2, the upper limit is set by gaseous diffusion through the liquid layer and the optimum will depend upon the oxygen requirement of the cells. Also, more confluent cultures require more media and changing more frequently.

The number of cells on a confluent plate, dish, or flask will vary with cell type. For this table, we give no recommendations, but indicate source of information such as: Freshny R. Culture of animal cells Wiley-Liss 1994, etc.

tc flat tube

Product-No.  Growth Area cm  Version  Volume max. ml   Centrifugal   

91106              20                      Vent                   5                   1,200           

91243              10                      Filter                 10                  1,200           

99018                -                       Rack           8 x tissue                  -          

                                                                    culture tube

Dimensions Ø x h mm   Material   Qty/ Bag pcs    Qty/ Case pcs

16 x 120                        PS                  20                      800

30 x 105                       PS                   4                        216

200 x 88 x 72                  PP                   1                         28

Product No.          Version            Growth area (cm2)              Medium recom. (ml)                Medium max. (ml)

91243                    Filter                        10                                            2                                             18

91106                    Vent                         20                                            3                                             13

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