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The CFX96™ Real-time PCR System can detect 5 different fluorescent dyes simultaneously. Thus, it is suitable for multi-pathogens detection in one clinical sample.

The solution for high multiplex real-time PCR detection


Get great results right away

Fast and accurate temperature control is possible that be shortening total best time

Fit experiments into your schedule

It is possible to check the result within 30 minutes by fast thermal circulation device, accurate test results are obtained by measuring the fluorescence signal of each well individually

High multiplex test 

The CFX96 can use up to five channels simultaneously. Therefore, we are relizing high multiplex test by combining Seegene product which can confirm multiple results per channel.

Easily expand your throughput when needed

up to 4 instrument can be controlled by a single computer and various fluorescent materials can be used according to user's convenience.

Results of real-time PCR detection by using CFX96


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