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Comprehensive PCR Services 

Neoscience can customize PCR services according to your research objectives.

PCR services can be customized for the following:




GMO Testing

And others


Main PCR Master Mix

Agilent PCR Mastermix Depending on Sample Type and Application



Agilent SureCycler 8800 Thermal Cycler

Agilent Tapestation 2200


PCR Purification

Geneall PCR Purification Kit


Why Choose Us
  • Extensive Experience — Our team consisting of application specialist & research scientist, is ready to discuss and ensure you get the best qPCR solutions that meet your research objectives accurately.

  • Great Performance — Agilent  has wide selection of innovative products for faster, more accurate, and robust PCR amplification and works with many different types of challenging samples.

  • Highly Customizable — We provide PCR services for a wide range of applications. We can customize the PCR services based on customers’ request.



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Agilent PCR Reagents

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