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Comprehensive Real-Time PCR Services 

Neoscience can customize the Real-Time PCR Services according to your research objectives.
Real-time PCR services can be customized for the following:
Gene expression study
Microarray Validation
NGS Validation
Porcine DNA detection

Main cDNA Synthesis Kit & qPCR Master Mix

  • Agilent AffinityScript cDNA Synthesis Kit

  • Agilent qPCR Brilliant III Probe Master Mix

  • Agilent qPCR Brilliant III Sybr Green Master Mix

Agilent AriaMx Real-time PCR System

Why Choose Us

  • Extensive Experience — Our team consisting of application specialists and research scientists, are ready to discuss and ensure you get the best qPCR solutions that meet your research objectives accurately.

  • Great Performance — Agilent qPCR System ensures reproducible results with great sensitivity.

  • High-Quality Reagents — Agilent qPCR reagents offer a wide linear range of amplification. 

  • Highly Customizable — We provide qPCR services for a wide range of applications. We can customize the qPCR services based on customers’ request.


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