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Next Gen Sequencing Services

At Neoscience, we are committed to provide the most suitable and comprehensive solutions to our customers. We provide end-to-end services, including free consultation during experimental design phase, followed by the next generation sequencing workflow, and setting up a standard or tailored-made reproducible analysis pipeline and lastly, completed with result presentation and local post-analysis support.

Next Generation Sequencing Workflow
Data QC
Comprehensive NGS Services | Re-Sequencing & De Novo Sequencing

Genome Sequencing

  • Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Target DNA Sequencing

  • Exome Sequencing

  • Whole Metagenome Sequencing

  • 16S rRNA Sequencing

  • Methylation Sequencing

Transcriptome Sequencing

  • Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

  • Targeted RNA Sequencing

  • miRNA Sequencing

  • Metatranscriptome Sequencing

Main Library Prep Kit & Probe

Agilent  / Archer DX


MiSeq / HiSeq X / HiSeq2500 / HiSeq4000 / NovaSeq6000

Comprehensive NGS Data Analysis Services

Human & Non-Human/Bacteria/Fungus

Whole/Targeted Transcriptome Data Analysis 
•    Gene Expression Analysis
•    Differentially Gene Expression (DEGs) Analysis
•    Fusion Gene Analysis (HUMAN)
•    Expressed Variant Analysis (HUMAN)
•    RNA Editing Events Analysis (HUMAN)
•    Gene Annotation and Prediction
•    Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis 

•    Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
•    Pathway Analysis
•    Custom Analysis

Whole Genome/Exome/Targeted Genome Analysis
•    SNPs Analysis
•    Somatic Mutation Analysis (HUMAN)
•    HLA-Typing (HUMAN)
•    Custom Analysis

•    Copy Number Variation Analysis

•    Phylogenetic Analysis

Whole Metagenome/16s rRNA Sequencing
•    Microbiome Profiling
•    Taxonomy Profiling
•    Gene Prediction & Annotation

Whole Genome De Novo Analysis (Bacteria)

•    Pan Genome Analysis

•    Genomic Variants Analysis

•    Phylogenetic Analysis

•    Custom Analysis


Whole Genome De Novo Analysis For Various Species of Eukaryote

•    Genomic Variants Analysis

•    Orthologous Gene Cluster

•    Custom Analysis

miRNA Sequencing
•    Known miRNA Identification & Annotation
•    Novel miRNA Prediction

Methylation Sequencing
•    Differentially Methylated Regions (DMRs) Analysis

Training & Workshop

We provide onsite and private hands-on NGS data analysis training to our customers. Training and workshop are based on the standard scopes, nevertheless, customized topics are available upon request. 

Why Choose Us

The Leader in Target Enrichment - Agilent and Archer Dx has proven track records to be the preferred solutions when it comes to Targeted Next Generation Sequencing

Comprehensive services- Having both RNA and DNA Next Generation Sequencing Services

Free Customization — With Agilent SurePrint oligo manufacturing technology, you can customize your genes for a perfect fit, regardless you have one or thousands of samples.

Great Data Quality — With good quality starting materials, we ensure a Q30 score ≥ 80% publication ready data.

Extensive Experience — Our bioinformatic team has years of experience in supporting researchers in field. We are ready to meet and discuss to ensure you get the best NGS data analysis solutions that meet your research objectives.

High Customization — Apart from the standard data analysis we offer, we can also tailor analysis pipelines that meet your specific data analysis requirements.

100% Post Service Assistance  — We ensure our customer understand the NGS data analysis report via a detailed result presentation and local post-analysis support, if necessary. 

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