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SEEPREP32™, the automated extraction system, can simultaneously extract up to 32 specimens within just 30 minutes, which guarantees to enhance productivity and eciency of your laboratory.

Application of a wide range of range of specimen types

Simultaneous extraction of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) from various types of specimens

  • Whole blood

  • Serum

  • Plasma

  • Urine

  • Swabs

  • LBC

  • Aspirate

  • BAL

  • Sputum

  • Stool

  • CSF

More efficient and effective extraction system

  1. Easy operation

  2. Qualified performance

  3. Ready to use reagent cartridge

  4. Prevention of contamination


The principle of the magnetic bead transfer-based nucleic acid extraction

SEEPREP 32 takes advantages of the magnetic rods that automatically transfer the magnetic beads nucleic acid mixture from one well to another, then process the cell lysis, nucleic acid absorption, washing and elution

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