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Ribospin vRD II

  • Viral RNA and DNA isolation from cell-free fluid, cell-culture supernatant, plasma, serum, swab, urine and virus-infected samples

  • Micro column and carrier RNA enhance the performance of viral sample extraction

  • Impurities on the membrane are washed away by two different optimized wash buffers.

Ribospin vRD( plus!)

  • Viral RNA and DNA isolation from cell-free fluid cell-culture supernatant, plasma, serum, swab, urine and virus-infected samples

  • The whole procedure may take only 15 minutes at RT and the eluate is suitable for various downstream application


  • Fast and convinient of high purity RNA isolaton from cell and tissue samples

  • Whole procedure takes only 15 minutes and the eluates are suitable for RT-PCR or any downstream application without further manipulation

Ribospin II

  • Simple, safer process for RNA isolation with non-organic solvent within 30 minutes

  • Bubble formation minimized with enhanced lysis buffer system

  • DNase I included for pure RNA 

Ribospin Plant

  • Total RNA purification from various pant tissues such as leaves, stems, roots and picky plant samples within only 25 minutes

  • Optimized buffer and spin column are effective in removing polysaccharides and polyphenolic compounds

  • including DNase I and treatment step

Ribospin Seed/Fruit

  • Total RNA purification from difficult plant tissues such as seeds, fruit and rhizomes within only 30 minutes.

  • for efficient RNA purification, this kit offers optimized lysis system and two different procedures according to the sample type

  • ExPure Filter column eliminate impurities simply

Riboclear (plus!)

  • Easy and Rapid method for RNA cleanup or concentration from various RNA samples in just 6 minutes

  • DNase for removal of DNA and micro column for concentration of total RNA 


  • Store both tissue and cells without the risk of nucleic acid degradation

  • Directly applicable to numerous RNA purification kits and another downstream applications


  • Simple, convenient and Rapid process for RNA extraction from cell, tissue, plant, yeast, viral origin

  • Combined the powerul lysis reagent, RiboEx and spin column-based RNA isolation technology

  • Guaranteed ultrapure total RNA within 30 minutes

Hybrid-R Blood RNA 

  • Whole blood is lysis buffer RiboEx LS in just one step without the need of additional treatment of blood sample

  • No genomic DNA contamination thanks to ExPure Filter which eliminates small amount contaminated DNA 

Hybrid-R miRNA

  • Purification of each small RNA (<200nt) and large RNA simultaneously fro single sample

  • The column type B selectively absorbs the RNA larger then 200 nucleotide in length while the RNA type W specifically holds the RNA smaller than 200 nucleotide in length 


  • Total DNA and total RNA isolation simultaneously from a single sample of tissue or cultured cells

  • DNA and RNA are aslo can be purified saperately from a same sample by individual

  • Whole procedure can be performed in just 30 minutes.

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