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Exgene Blood SV Mini/Midi/Maxi

  • Accurate and consistent DNA purification from blood, buffy coat, serum, plasma, culture cells and bodily fluids

  • Fast, safe and simple procedure completed in 20 minutes (mini), i hour (Midi and MAXI)

Exgene Tissue(plus!) SV Mini/Midi/Maxi

  • Total DNA purifiction from tissue/ insect/ whole blood (plus! only)

  • Proteinase K ensures complete lysis of sample cells

  • Specially formulated bufer system minimize RNA copurified with DNA without RNase A treatment

Exgene Clinic SV Mini/Midi/Maxi

  • Optimized spin-column design and buffer formulation for ultraclean total DNA.

  • Applicable to various types of clinical saples such as Blood, buffy coat, serum, urine, sputum, BAL, Pleural Fluid, plasma, culture cells, body fluid, buccal swab, saliva, hair, sperm and (-) bacteria.

Exgene Cell SV Mini/Midi/Maxi

  • Total DNA purification from a variety sample types including bacterial cells and yeast with its own optimized in the manual

  • Definitely be a more optimized choice

Exgene Genomic DNA micro

  • Micro scale purification of total DNA from forensic samples such as stain, chewing gum, cigarette butts, tooth brush.

  • Small membrane surface area minimizes loss of sample.

Exgene FFPE Tissue DNA 

  • Easy and fast de-paraffinization with a single signature reagent in under 5 minutes.

  • Safer, odor-free environment with non-xylene based buffer DP

  • Guarantted PCR product length up to 500 base pair

Exgene Plant SV Mini/Midi/Maxi

  • Stable and consistent DNA purification from a wide range of plant, cells/tissues and fungi

  • Perfect removal of cell debris by the use of EzSep Filter and specialized GeneAll SV column type G

  • Rapid and simple protocol procedure complete in 40 minutes, yielding a pure genomic DNA 

Exgene Soil DNA 

  • Simple high- performance DNA purification for various environmental samples not only soil samples but water and air samples

  • Powerbead tube enhanve sample pulverization for efficient lysis

  • Sample and fast purification of high-quality DNA within 25 minutes.

Exgene Stool DNA 

  • Convenient method for the isolation of total DNA from stool samples

  • Purification of high-quality DNA by the use of ExPass Filter column

  • Double binding procedure and optimized buffer system

Exgene Rice SV Mini 

  • Stable and consistent DNA extraction from sinle rice grain

  • ExSep Filter column for removal of impurities simply in lysate allows for the perfect removal of second metabolites

  • The prepared DNA is ready for use in PCR to analyze rice genome

Exgene Viral DNA/ RNA

  • Total nucleic acid purification from virus but DNA applying to trace of sample

  • Proteinase K enhances efficiency of DNA and RNA virus lysis

GeneAll CFC HPV mini

  • Purification of nucleic acids of human papilomavirus in liquid based cytology and cervical swab specimens

  • Carrier RNA enhances binding of nucliec acid to the spin column membrane

  • Proteinase K serves efficient sample lysis for most sample types

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