iPonatic Portable Molecule Workstation

CE Marked,  NMPA Marked

Molecular diagnosis, as the most technical subdivision of IVD, has developed rapidly in recent years. On the other hand, POCT, with the characteristics of the real-time tests, has been widely concerned and developed rapidly. When the molecular diagnosis is combined with POCT, it means that gene detection can also have the characteristics of real-time detection, which can achieve convenient sampling and timely detection. The Sansure iPonatic POCT mobile molecular diagnosis system aims to subvert the traditional mode and bring precision medicine into thousands of households. It can provide quick and convenient diagnosis results for a clinical emergency, health management, military safety, biological emergency, and other fields.


Ramp Rate Max 

Cooling Rate Max

Heating Technology

Temperature Control

Temperature Accuracy

Temperature Range

Sample Volume

Optical Unit

8'C (50-100'C)

2'C (50-100'C)

Liquid metal coated ceramic heating/Air bath cooling

Independent heating module/ Independent module control

+- 0.3'C (50'C ~ 100'C)

+-5'C ~ 99'C


Light Source LED (maintenance-free)

Detector High sensitivity photoelectric sensor

Detection Mode Real-time dynamic monitoring Channels 4


Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4

470nm 525nm 580nm 635nm


Sensitivity 1 copy