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Roller bottles are optimal vessels for large scale cell growth and multiplication, and are suitable for both research and manufacturing applications, including the growth of mammalian cells for virus propagation and bioproduction.


  • Caps feature large knurls for easy grip

  • Two different cap styles can be used in both open and closed systems

  • Every bottle features silk-printed graduations

  • Non pyrogenic

  • Temperature range: –20 to +50 °C

  • Every case features a labelled lot number

  • Sterilised by electron beam irradiation


These vessels suit automation and fit all common roller bottle instrumentation. Vessels are available with a large area surface area for cell growth of 490, 850 and 1900 cm² for adhesion cultures and 1 or 2 litre volume, for suspension cultures. The bottles are surface treated for optimal cell attachment. Bottles with smooth surface are free from striation, to maximise usable growth area; those with ribbed surface offer a larger surface area for cell growth.


Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485


Caution: Note: Bottles are not autoclavable

roller bottles
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