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Cancer All-In-One Assays

SureSelect Cancer All-In-One Custom NGS Assays

The SureSelect Cancer All-In-One Custom solution enables custom NGS assays for streamlined profiling of somatic SNV, indel, CNV and translocation in a single workflow. Custom Cancer All-In-One panels can be created in under an hour using the SureDesign web portal with specialized probes for specific types of variants.

Powered by the SureSelect target enrichment workflows featuring 90-min hybridization, NGS libraries can be generated from low input DNA in less than a day. Robust and confident detection of somatic variants is supported by the SureCall software with our new state-of-the-art CNV and translocation algorithms.

Note: SureCall software currently does not support CNV and translocation detection in the same gene.


  • Streamlined profiling of SNV, indel, CNV, and translocation from a single DNA sample of 50 ng or less

  • Support for FFPE samples and low-quality DNA samples

  • From DNA to target-enriched NGS libraries in less than a day

  • Robust detection of somatic CNV, including gene amplification and deletion, in 15% or lower clone fraction

  • High sensitivity genomic translocation detection by fusion-driver gene finds breakpoint and identifies fusion partner

  • Custom panels targeting all 4 types of variants easily created using SureDesign in under an hour

  • Create custom panels by selecting genes from the Agilent predefined cancer gene set or any genes in the Refseq database

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