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Muvicyte 2020

Designed to operate inside your cell-incubator, enables you to maintain your cells under optimal conditions and perform a wide range of assays in a variety of culture vessels



Our Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis system is an instrument agnostic image analysis and management platform. The Columbus system is the only system that provides universal high-volume image data storage and analysis and brings access to images from a wide range of sources including all major high content screening instruments.


Perform your entire screening data analysis and validation in a single and easy to use platform, saving valuable time and reducing costs.

High Content Profiler supports all major high throughput (HTS) and high-content (HCS) instruments, including PerkinElmer's Envision, Opera Phenix® and Operetta® allowing the standardization of data analysis of HCS, HTS and Flow Cytometry experiments, either well based or cell based. The guided workflows provide step-by-step instructions that enable best practices and automated feature and hit selection and stratification, with easy-to-use wizards and extensive online help.

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