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Fluorescent In Vivo Imaging Agents

Whether you are studying cancer biology, tracking stem cells or monitoring infections, PerkinElmer’s comprehensive suite of in vivo imaging reagents enables unmatched imaging of a broad-range of disease-related biomarkers and pathways for your research. Our optical reagents, labeling kits and dyes have been optimized on our IVIS® in vivo imaging platform. In addition to our optical imaging reagents, we offer radio imaging nuclides for PET imaging studies.

• Fluorescent agents, Dyes, Labeling Kits, and Nanoparticles
• Bioluminescent oncology cell lines and bacteria created using luciferase (luc2) vector for utlra brite sensitivity
• Bioluminescent substrates including D-Luciferin K+ salt and RediJect Luciferin in ready-touse injectable format
• Radio imaging nuclides

Activable Fluorescent Agents

Part Number                        Fluorescent Probe                                         Biological Target

770504                                 XenoLight RediJect D-Luciferin                   **Pre-formulated bioluminescent substrate ready for use

                                                                                                                     in in vivo imaging with Firefly Luciferase

NEV10723EX                        AngioSense 680EX                                      *Vascular probe: Leaks into sites of edema/cancer

NEV10878                            IntegriSense 750*                                         αVβ3 integrin targeted probe: Marker on  tumors,

                                                                                                                   neovasculature, and osteoclasts

NEV10932                            MMPSense 750 FAST*                                  Pan-MMP activatable probe: Secreted marker of

                                                                                                                   inflammatory cells, fibrosis, and tumor margins.

NEV10972EX                        ProSense 750EX*                                          Pan-cathepsin activatable probe: Lysosomal marker of

                                                                                                                    inflammatory cells and tumor cells.


Optical Imaging Classification                  Bioluminescence imaging, Fluorescence Imaging

Quantity in a Package Amount                 5.0 Units

Shipping Condition                                   Blue Ice

Unit Size                                                    1 vial


Targeted Fluorescent Agents

Activatable agents are optically silent upon injection but are activated in vivo through cleavage by specific protease biomarkers of disease. Benefits include biologically specific readouts and high signal-to-noise at the target biology. The FAST platform represents the next generation of agents from PerkinElmer. Utilizing a novel small molecule design, the FAST agents offer improved specificity, accelerated activation profile and earlier imaging timepoints.

Optimized in vivo imaging agents that actively target and bind to specific biomarkers. Benefits include the agents’ highly specific targeting to key biologies.

Product                               Product Description                                                          Catalog Number

Annexin-Vivo                      750 In vivo targeting of membrane-bound                        NEV11053

                                           phosphatidylserine exposed during the early  

                                           stages of apoptosis

BacteriSense                      645 Fast-clearing, targeted probe which                          NEV10080

                                           binds to negatively charged lipids on the

                                           bacterial cell membrane, enabling the monitoring
                                           of infection progression in real time.

FolateRSense                     680 Highly specific and sensitive in detection                 NEV10040

                                           of Folate Receptor protein. Can be used to

                                           closely monitor and quantitate tumor growth and



Vascular and Physiological Fluorescent Agents

PerkinElmer’s vascular and physiological agents are a range of highly fluorescent in vivo imaging molecules that remain highly stable and localized in the anatomy for various periods of time to enable imaging of disease physiology, vasculature, vascular permeability and angiogenesis.

Product                                 Product Description                                                         Catalog Number

AngioSense 680 EX              Imaging of vascularity, perfusion and                              NEV10054EX        

AngioSense 750 EX              vascular permeability. Remains locali                              NEV10011EX

                                              -zed in vasculature for 0-4 h; accumul

                                              -ates in tumors and arthritic joints at 24

AngioSPARK 680                  -h. Imaging of vascularity, perfusion and                         NEV10149

                                              vascular permeability; long pharmaco                            NEV10150

GastroSense 750                  -kinetic profile.  Imaging to monitor gas                           NEV11121

                                              -tric emptying and the impact of various

                                              drugs on gastric motility; may also be

                                              used as an anatomical marker for the


Genhance 680 (1 mg)           Small molecule fluorescence agent. Use                         NEV10117

Genhance 680 (5 mg)           as a control or in vascular permeability                            NEV10130

Genhance 750 (1 mg)           imaging.                                                                            NEV10118
Genhance 750 (5 mg)                                                                                                     NEV10177

Superhance 680                    Imaging of vascularity, perfusion and vas                        NEV10116

                                              -cular permeability; short pharmacokinetic




XenoLight Bioluminescent/Chemiluminescent Substrates
PerkinElmer offers bioluminescent substrates in a easy to use format that fit your laboratory workflow for in vivo imaging. RediJect substrates offer ultimate sensitivity and reproducibility that is critical for accurate quantitation. Obtain better results by minimizing variability in formulation, minimizing freeze/thaw and controlling batch to batch variation. RediJect D-Luciferin Ultra is a firefly Luciferase substrate, pre-formulated with a fluorescent marker, to validate your substrate injection.

Product                                                          Product Description                                                       Catalog Number

XenoLight RediJect D-Luciferin                     Pre-formulated batch controlled D-Luciferin                 760504
(50 injections)                                                (K+ salt) ready for in vivo use

XenoLight RediJect D-Luciferin Ultra            Pre-formulated batch controlled D-Luciferin
(50 injections)                                                (K+ salt) for in vivo use. Includes a fluorescent             760505

                                                                       marker to validate substrate injection

XenoLight RediJect Coelenterazine h           Pre-formulated batch controlled Coelenterazine           760506

(50 injections)                                                h for in vivo use

XenoLight RediJect Probe, Explorer kit         Inflammation Pre-formulated chemiluminescent           760535

(5 injections)                                                  probe for monitoring inflammation

XenoLight RediJect Probe, Standard kit       Inflammation Pre-formulated chemiluminescent            760536
(20 injections)                                                probe for monitoring inflammation

XenoLight D-Luciferin (K+ Salt) (1-50g)        Bioluminescence substrate for in vivo imaging             122796 
                                                                       with Firefly Luciferase, in bulk

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