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ALPHA TECHNOLOGY is a bead-based, homogeneous assay. when Alpha Donor and Acceptor beads are brought together, a cascade of chemical reactions is set in motion, creating an amplified signal. These versatile beads are conjugated with various biomolecules that enable detection of unique biologial events. There's an Alpha Technology solution for nearly research application. Choose from AlphaLISA, AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra, Alpha SureFire Ultra Multiplex, AlphaScreen, AlphaPlex and Alpha Toolbox.

DELFIA TRF is a proven, robust immunodetection platform with over 20 years of history behind it. It has a similar assay principle to that of a traditional ELISA, but with the added benefits of utilizing a lanthanide chelate to reduce background and improve assay dynamic range.

LANCE TR-FRET is a homogeneous proximity assay technology that combines the benefits of time resolution (TR) with fluorophore reasonance energy transfer (FRET) principles by using energy donor and energy acceptor flurophore labels.

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