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Opera Phenix High-Content Screening System

Premier confocal solution for today’s most demanding high content applications. Designed for high-throughput phenotypic screening and assays involving complex disease models such as live cells, primary cells and 3D microtissues, with speed and sensitivity

  • Up to four large format sCMOS cameras with simultaneous acquisition in up to four channels, so you can generate images of exceptional quality – faster than ever

  • Large field of view – 290% larger than the original Opera HCS system to acquire more cells in a single image for more robust assay statistics

  • Spinning disk optics and precise synchronization of the excitation laser and camera to minimize phototoxicity and bleaching for live cell assays

  • Fast laser-based autofocus to ensure sharp confocal images from every field

  • Simple, powerful Harmony® high-content imaging and analysis software for easy set-up of assays, automation of experiments, image acquisition, data analysis, and storage and retrieval of results in meaningful ways

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