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High Through-put Screening    

Multimode Detection Systems

VICTOR Nivo Multimode Microplate Reader

The VICTOR Nivo system is a high-performance filter-based multimode microplate reader equipped with all major detection technologies:

  • Absorbance

  • Luminescence

  • Fluorescence intensity

  • Time-resolved fluorescence

  • Fluorescence polarization

  • Alpha



Depth                                         50.0 cm

Detection Method                      Absorbance, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Luminescence, Alpha, Fluorescence Intensity,

                                                   Fluorescence Polarization

Height                                        27.0 cm

Portable                                     Yes

Product Brand Name                VICTOR Nivo

Weight                                       13.0 kg

Width                                         20.0 cm

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