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VacuCap® Vacuum Filtration Devices

Innovative bottle-top filters can fill multiple bottles with one device

  • Ability to process 100 mL to 5L volumes into multiple aliquots

  • Reduces storage space and waste

  • Environmentally-friendly with minimal plastic waste

  • Draws directly from the mixing reservoir

  • Eliminates possibility of contamination from transfer steps by filtering directly into sterile container

  • Low extractables/surfactant-free Supor membrane provides high flow rates

  • Available with built-in prefilter to prevent clogging and to increase throughput of high-particulate solutions


  • Vacuum-driven filtration of cell and tissue culture media, microbiological media, aqueous solutions, protein solutions, and buffers

  • Prefiltration or clarification of aqueous solutions

  • PF version useful for filtration of hard-to-filter solutions

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