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AcroPak™ 20 Filters and AcroPak 200 Capsules with Supor Membrane

Built in pre-filter for fast and efficient processing

  • Low extractables/surfactant-free Supor polyethersulfone membrane has high flow rates, high throughputs and low protein binding

  • Built-in prefilter layering, 0.8 / 0.2 μm, extends filter life for particulate-laden solutions such as serum-containing media

  • Process up to 2 L with Acropak 20 and up to 20 L with Acropak 200

  • Tapered hose barb inlet to attach easily to pressurized systems or peristaltic pump

  • Upstream vent to prevent vapor lock


  • Small to medium volume sterile filtration of fluids containing dilute proteins, preservatives,                                                                 or other critical components

  • Filtration of cell and tissue culture media and additives

  • Ideal for filtration of aqueous buffers and cell culture media

  • Point-of-use filtration of lab water

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