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Sentino® Microbiology System

Maximize workspace and minimize contamination risk

The Sentino Microbiology System offers a mix-and-match selection of products to best suit the economic, ergonomic and workflow needs in a busy microbiology laboratory. The collection of complimentary products are targeted for evaluating microbial contamination in aqueous samples using MF Technique. Select the items that best fit the needs in your laboratory. Choose disposable filter funnels and our Sentino Pump or pair the pump with our Sentino Filter Dispenser with individual membrane filters aseptically dispensed at the press of a button. The compact design of the Sentino Microbiology System frees valuable bench top space and provides flexibility in arranging workspace for optimal efficiency and workflow.


Membrane Filter (MF) Technique for analyzing aqueous samples for microbial contamination:

  • Municipal and environmental water analysis

  • Water system monitoring

  • Beverage monitoring

  • Pharmaceutical and personal care products quality control

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