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AccuSeal™ Semi Automated Plate Sealer

Labnet's new AccuSeal™ Semi Automated Plate Sealer is ideal for the low to medium throughput Laboratory that requires uniform and consistent sealing of microplates. Offering complete versatility, the AccuSeal™ will accept a full range of plates for PCR, assay or storage applications, and can be used for standard height to deep well plates. Operation is easy, sealing parameters are set and displayed via the user-friendly control panel, and the sealing operation is automated to ensure consistent results.

  • Accepts a wide range of microplates and heat seals

  • User-friendly control system

  • Large digital display shows all operating parameters

  • Adjustable sealing temperature: 100°C to 190°C

  • Precise temperature, timing and pressure for consistent sealing

accu seal


PS1000                                                   AccuSeal™ Semi-Automated Plate Sealer                         US Cord, 120V

PS1000-230 V                                         AccuSeal™ Semi-Automated Plate Sealer                         EU and UK Cord, 230V

PRODUCT                                               SPECIFICATION

Dimensions(W x D x H)                           6.75 x 12.75 x 14.25 in

Weight                                                     27 lbs / 12 kg

Sealing Temperature                               OFF, 100 ºC to 190ºC, (increments of 1.0ºC)

Temperature Accuracy                            ±1.0 ºC

Temperature Uniformity                           ±1.0 ºC

Sealing Time                                            0.5 to 10 sec. (increments of 0.1 sec)

Compatible Plate Materials                     PP (Polypropylene), PS (Polystyrene), PE (Polyethylene)

Compatible Plate Types                          Standard Assay Plates, Deep-Well Plates, PCR Plates

Maximum Plate Height                            45 mm

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