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NGS Catalog Target Enrichment Probes

SureSelectXT Methyl-Seq Target Enrichment Panels

Targeted methylation sequencing enables you to focus your sequencing budget on regions known to be differentially methylated and have impact on gene expression. Agilent and leading researchers have developed human, mouse, and rat panels containing very comprehensive content.

These panels target cancer tissue-specific DMRs, GENCODE promoters, CpG islands, shores and shelves, and DNasel hypersensitive sites. Use these panels to enrich libraries generated using SureSelectXT Methyl-Seq Library Preparation kit.


  • Human, mouse, and rat methylation panels designed by experts

  • Targets key epigenetic regions with target enriched bisulfite sequencing for higher coverage of selected regions

  • Increases throughput and reduces costs compared to whole-genome bisulfite sequencing


Number of Enrichments

  • 16 - 480

Number of Hybridizations

  • 16 - 480

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