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Exome Probes

SureSelect Human All Exon

The Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon V7 delivers unmatched coverage of targeted regions with minimal sequencing. Designed using the GRCh38/hg38 genome assembly, this exome design targets only coding regions from RefSeq, CCDS, GENCODE &USC Known Genes. All exon sequencing product features a novel bait design algorithm resulting in an end-to-end design size of only 48.2 MB. A novel bait design algorithm results in a sleek design with an end-to-end design size of only 48.2Mb.

The exome sequencing system provides excellent uniformity and allows more samples to be pooled per flow cell, for more cost-effective sequencing. The accurate targeting ensures that even hard-to-capture exons can be accessed. In addition, the system is compatible with all SureSelect Library prep solutions, making it one of the most versatile exome solutions for a wide range of sample types including low input material and FFPE samples, and workflow needs such as enzymatic or mechanical shearing.


  • With just 5.3 GB of sequencing, the SureSelect Human All Exon V7 provides 20x coverage of >94% of targeted bases.

  • Excellent overall uniformity and percent on-target enable variant calling with high confidence while reducing sequencing costs.

  • Targets protein coding regions from RefSeq, GENCODE, CCDS and UCSC known genes, including hard-to-capture exons that are omitted from other exomes.

  • Targets all pathogenic variants in the genes included in the ACMG guidelines for secondary findings.

  • The raw data generated from human all exon sequencing can be readily analyzed using the Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics Software, solving the data analysis bottleneck.


Number of Reactions        16 - 96

Target Region                   35.7 Mb

Exome Probes

SureSelect non-human Exomes

Agilent SureSelect animal exomes are predefined designs targeting the coding regions providing the greatest sequencing efficiency. These exomes enable samples ready for sequencing the next day. We have exomes available for the mouse, bovine, and zebrafish. Agilent designed the SureSelectXT mouse all exon. Thought leaders in the field collaborated on the SureSelectXT zebrafish all exon, rat all exon and bovine all exon.


  • All Exon Mouse - 49.6 Mb design. Exon definition derived from Ensembl + RefSeq, designed against mm9 reference from UCSC.

  • All Exon Bovine - 54 Mb design. The library is based on University of Maryland build 3.1, covers coding regions as well as miRNA and SNP targets. Developed in collaboration with the USDA.

  • All Exon Zebrafish - 75 Mb design. Zv9 library is in Ensembl and is annotated with gene and exon coordinates. Developed in collaboration with the Sanger.


Number of Reactions 16

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