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NGS Automation Platforms

Magnis NGS Prep System

The Magnis NGS Prep System is a walkaway automated solution comprised of a benchtop instrument, reagents, and protocols for library preparation that requires minimal staff and NGS expertise. The onboard wizard helps the user with reagent placement through automated barcode checking and allows a run to be set-up under 5 minutes.

With the Magnis NGS Prep System’s walkaway automation, you can reduce your hands-on time from 2.5 hours to only 5 minutes for the full SureSelect library preparation and target enrichment workflow. Let Magnis do the work while you spend more time reviewing results and planning next steps.

  • Run complex NGS assays with the push of a button

  • Save time by avoiding majority of the hands-on work

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Consistent results to maximize library yields and minimize sample loss


  • Magnis works seamlessly with Agilent’s industry-leading SureSelect target enrichment system and delivers sequencing data that are robust, traceable, and reproducible

  • This benchtop instrument self-detects and tunes; the reagents are provided pre-aliquoted; and the system comes with pre-set protocols for Agilent’s catalog and custom assays.

  • The LED status indicator will light up green allowing you to
    monitor status easily from a distance.

  • When combined with the Agilent 4150 TapeStation System, the Magnis system provides quality control of the sample throughout the workflow.


Depth                                                                        720 mm

Height                                                                       710 mm

Line Frequency                                                         50-60 Hz

Line Voltage                                                              100-240 VAC

Operating Environment Relative Humidity                30-70 %

Operating Environment Temperature                       15-25 °C

Power Consumption                                                 450 W / 900 W

Weight                                                                      100 kg

Width                                                                         620 mm

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