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Hybridization Capture-based Target Enrichment for NGS

Targeted sequencing provides a time and cost-effective workflow by investigating specific regions in the genome. Hybrid capture-based target enrichment employs probes to capture target sequences in a NGS library. Hybrid capture sequencing is sensitive and suited for detecting single nucleotide variants, translocations, structural variants, insertions and deletions, and copy number variations. Agilent provides a full suite of hybridization capture-based target enrichment NGS products, including library preparation and target enrichment kits, exomes, catalog and custom probes, software solutions, sample quality control and automation platforms. Whether your research needs a catalog NGS panel or a custom design to include your genes of interest, Agilent has the solutions for you. Agilent offers other amplicon-based target enrichment technology options, also, for finding specific regions-of-interest.

  1. ClearSeq Comprehensive Cancer​

  2. ClearSeq Inherited Disease Panel

  3. ClearSeq RNA Kinome

  4. One Seq Constitutional Research Panel

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  • Comprehensive, all-in-one detection of genome-wide CNVs, copy-neutral LOH, SNPs, and indels in a single target enrichment capture.

  • Comprised of 300 Kb functional copy number resolution genome-wide, with higher resolution of 25-50 Kb in disease-associated ClinGen regions, copy-neutral LOH as small as 5 Mb, PLUS gene targets from the SureSelect Focused Exome panel.

  • Includes coding sequence data and copy number variants in one capture, with 7 Gb of sequencing providing deep and comprehensive coverage: >95% at 20x.

  • For copy number determination, experimental DNA samples are run side-by-side with a human reference DNA sample.

  • Integrated data analysis - analyze, visualize, and contextualize OneSeq data using SureCall software, without the need for coding or special hardware.

  • Provides more information in a single reaction, streamlining workflows for a complete picture.

  • Powered by SureSelect and optimized for use with SureSelectXT Reagent Kits (200 ng DNA Sample Input).


Number of Reactions

  • 16 - 96

Target Region

  • 300 Kb

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