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Community Design

NGS innovation powered by you

Agilent community designs for NGS are targeted NGS designs developed by or in collaboration with experts in various research areas, such as infectious disease, inherited disease, epigenetics, and model organism exome sequencing. These custom NGS designs are now available to Agilent customers as catalog, made-to-order designs. They are powered by Agilent SureSelect and HaloPlex target enrichment, and the industry’s leading platform for long oligonucleotide probe synthesis. These NGS designs deliver insight from the regions that matter to your research, robustly and cost-effectively. |Agilent has not performed verification and validation on these panels.

  1. Agilent Community Designs for Oncology Research

  2. Infectious Disease Research Designs

  3. Model Organism Exome Sequencing Designs

  4. Epigenetics Research Designs

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