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Random Mutagenesis Kit

Genemorph II

GeneMorph II Random Mutagenesis Kits produce highly uniform mutational spectra when performing error-prone PCR. This makes achieving random mutagenesis faster and easier. Alternative methods relying on Taq DNA polymerase have shown biases towards mutating A’s and T’s more frequently than G’s and C’s, skewing representation of random mutant libraries.

GeneMorph II kits utilize Mutazyme II DNA polymerase

A novel error-prone PCR enzyme blend with equivalent mutation rates at A’s and T’s vs. G’s and C’s.This method performs targeted random mutagenesis on protein domains and promoter elements, eliminating the need for specific restriction sites.


  • Superior mutagenesis over a wide target range of 0.1 kb to 6 kb

  • Easily change mutation frequency by altering the concentration of the input template

  • Delivers efficient mutagenesis rates of 1 to 16 bases per kb

  • More accurate than methods relying on Taq DNA polymerase which skews the representation of random mutant libraries

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Site Directed Mutagenesis Kit 

  1. QuikChange Lightning

  2. QuikChange HT Protein Engineering System

Agilent offers high-efficiency mutagenesis kits for any application. The fastest and latest generation of QuikChange site-directed mutagenesis kits contain specially engineered enzymes to speed up the protocol for performing single and multiple site-directed mutagenesis to less than 3 hours, letting you rapidly create point mutations, amino acid substitutions, insertions and deletions in virtually any double-stranded plasmid.

The GeneMorph II Random Mutagenesis Kits are formulated to produce a more uniform mutational spectrum when performing error prone PCR to achieve random mutagenesis. The GeneMorph II EZClone Domain Mutagenesis Kit offers an easy method to perform targeted random mutagenesis on protein domains and promoter elements.

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