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CGH & CGH+SNP Microarray Software for Cytogenetic Workflows


SureDesign is a web-based application that harnesses the flexibility of SurePrint oligo manufacturing technology for the creation of custom NGS target enrichment libraries, CGH microarray designs, and FISH probes.
SureDesign, free to all registered users, has an intuitive design wizard that creates custom panels specific to research needs, as well as for cross-validation using multiple applications.



  • NGS Target Enrichment: Create custom SureSelect or HaloPlex target enrichment library designs based on the targets you want to sequence.

  • Define regions of interest and select probes based on target genes, genomic coordinates, or selection parameters.

  • CGH, ChIP-on-chip, DNA Methylation: Create custom CGH designs with various layouts, from 8 x 15 K up to 1 x 1 M.

  • CRISPR Guide RNAs: Find gRNAs that target CRISPR sites within any sequence.

  • Identify potential target candidate sites in the input or selected background.

  • Download ready to order DNA sequence templates.

  • FISH Probes: Input gene names, accession IDs, or genomic coordinates to create custom break apart, dual fusion or single probes.

  • Rapidly validate results by creating the same assay on a FISH probe and an array or target enrichment library.

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CGH & CGH+SNP Microarray Software

CytoGenomics Software

Agilent CytoGenomics software provides advanced data analysis tools for cytogeneticists. The system features a streamlined workflow from data upload to final report and is capable of processing CGH and CGH+SNP data from both constitutional and hematological cancer samples.

This multi- analysis software is designed specifically for cytogenetic research, to give biological context to recorded data. The intuitive cytogenetic analysis workflow can accurately detect copy-number changes and copy-neutral variations, including LOH and UPD, and output the results in a range of convenient formats.


  • Provides cytogeneticists with the capability to carry out effective analysis and triage of their CGH and CGH+SNP data from both constitutional and cancer samples.

  • A streamlined workflow that is automation-enabled from data upload to analysis and report.

  • The software contains optimized algorithms for the accurate detection of copy-number changes and copy-neutral variations, including LOH and UPD.

  • Software includes functions used to suppress, classify, edit, and annotate aberrations and report generation.

  • Convenient input and output support, allowing for integration with LIMS, is provided.

  • CytoGenomics is designed specifically for cytogenetic research, to put data into biological context.

  • Support for direct upload of results to Agilent Alissa Interpret for further interpretation and triage of sample aberrations.

CGH & CGH+SNP Microarray Software

Agilent Genomic Workbench

Agilent Genomic Workbench (AGW) software provides powerful analysis of key microarray applications, including CGH, CGH+SNP, ChIP-on-Chip, and DNA Methylation on both human and model organisms. With AGW, scientists can change filters, thresholds, and other settings to optimize the real-time visualization effects.

Analyzing multiple DNA microarray data in a single system helps streamline genomic workflows. In addition, the system features the ability to easily alter analysis settings, test different filters and thresholds, and visualize the effects in real-time.


  • Suitable for many different aspects of DNA microarray research, including CGH, CGH+SNP, ChIP-on-chip and DNA Methylation

  • Can carry out basic research on both human and non-human samples

  • Features the ability to change analysis settings, such as filters and thresholds

  • Real-time visualization effects

  • A single powerful, intuitive and integrated software package suitable for a range of genomic data analysis processes

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